Exterior of a Yorkie

            The colors of a Yorkie's coat are steel gray (it can sometimes have a bluish tint, a lot of people will also call it blue) and tan. You will find the blue/gray on it' s body and the tan colored fur will be on it's head. The legs and chest are also the same tan color as the head is. An interesting fact about the coat is it, like human hair, will just keep growing. Although, it will stay about floor length, once it gets there, because the hair will brake off at the ends. Yorkie's are relatively small animals. Their weight is not supposed to exceed 7 pounds so that makes them pretty light. Yorkie's are actually a member of the "toy" family so that means that they are pretty small. The average height (to the shoulder) is 8-9 inches.


          This is what a Yorkie's face looks like (No, they do not always wear bows. Most Yorkie's don't regularly wear them). From this picture you can see that the Yorkie's ears look like small, upsidedown V's. Yorkie's ears are always alert and standing up. You will also notice that the nose is black and the eyes are very dark. If you look at the eyes of this dog you will notice that around them the tan fur on the face gets a little bit darker. From seeing the face you can already tell that this dog has bilateral symmetry. If you drew a line down the middle of it's face (or longways down it's body) the left side is the same as the right. There are 2 legs on one side and 2 legs on the other side. There is 1 eye, 1 ear and 1/2 a nose and tail on each side. You can clearly tell that this Yorkie has bilateral symmetry. 

Teacup Dogs

        Yorkies are one of the most popular breeds of teacup dogs. Teacup dogs are called teacup dogs for an obvious reason. Most of them are so small that they can fit into teacups or they are about the size of a teacup. If you look at the picture that Yorkie is sitting in a regular size teacup. Teacup Yorkies only grow up to be a couple of pounds at the most. (Below are pictures of a couple more teacup Yorkies).

The Respiratory System of a Dog

The Digestive System of a Dog


*before the esophagus, the mouth chews up the food*

The Skeletal System of a Dog


          Without these 3 systems interacting with each other the dog could not survive. The skeletal system holds up the dog and all of the other systems. Without it the dog would be a pile of jelly. The digestive system gets energy from the food and gives energy to the respiratory system so the dog can breathe. Without any one of these systems the dog would not be alive.